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The award-winning chocolate-covered bites that spawned a thousand imitators. Each of these tiny handcrafted treats takes 10+ hours to create.

Kiva Confections are an award-winning edibles brand that has made a name for itself with best-in-class, cannabis-infused chocolates, sweets, and more. 

Launched in 2010 with the express goal of providing a better experience with legal edibles, Kiva Confections continues to raise the bar, sourcing locally-grown and sustainably-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and guaranteeing a consistent, precise dosage for every need. Kiva products are all dosed at 5MG THC per serving to ensure the best possible experience tailored for every individual. 

Kiva Confections offers a complete edibles product line including chocolates, mints, and gummies. Ranging from artisanal to discrete, each confection is sure to offer a satiating and exciting experience. Grassdoor works hand-in-hand with Kiva Confections as a brand partner to bring you quality edibles that you can trust, and a dosage that works for everyone. 

Kiva edibles are each made using cannabis distillate (Camino and Tetra Products) or cold water hash (Kiva bars and Terra Bites). Distillate is used to offer the purest and most powerful punch without the harsh hash taste, while cold water hash is used in Kiva’s chocolates to provide a truly whole plant experience. These processes ensure a pure, potent, and delicious final product that packs a punch while offering a decadent taste.

Not only does Kiva work to raise the bar in confections and edibles, but also as a community partner, advocating on behalf of patients and recreational consumers alike. Grassdoor makes an effort to work with brands who give back to the industry and community at large.

Kiva Confections edibles are available in 100mg packages with servings in 2.5 and 5MG dosages.

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